About Morticia

Morticia was raised in an East Texas railroad town hearing stories of ghosts, ghost trains, the Llorona, Bigfoot, and many other supernatural tales of the Piney Woods.  Later she was introduced to witchcraft and magic and began developing her skills at the Tarot.  For over a decade she has been a high priestess of a coven, guiding others in the world of the supernatural.

She has a penchant for Texas history since her 4th great grandfather was the one that started the Texas Revolution.  She brings this familial passion to her tours, entrancing guests with the stories of hauntingly eerie history.

Spirits appear to have taken a shine to Morticia.  She, and those on her tours, have experienced many curious events, from spirits showing up in photos to things being thrown at them.  Peculiar smells and sounds have also occurred on the tours.