I’m Baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

Hello my little pretties.

After a couple of years of hiatus and semi-retirement, and raising a beautiful hellion, I am slowly emerging from the shadows to provide more stories and spookies. I will be working with a new company my brother, Edward Burns, has created called Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour based out of, well, Conroe, Texas.

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Hallow-e’en: A Fatal Termination


The Sports of Hallow-e’en have been described by the fascinating BURNS, but, whether in a way to deter from indulging in them, admits of a doubt.  That they have, in more than one instance, terminated fatally, we have heard; that they did so, in one instance, and that so late as last week, we know. — We give the following particulars from authority, and our informant trusts that they will prove a warning to inconsiderate youth to betake themselves to amusements more rational, and less likely to be attended with unpleasant consequences to themselves! – Continue reading

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Fair Charlotte, or, A Corpse Going to a Ball

Coffin on GroundFair Charlotte is an old ballad from the early 19th century America and was made into a poem by Seba Smith in 1843. The song and poem became so popular it started a craze from 1850s through the 1920s for small porcelain dolls Continue reading

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The Flower of the Other Shore

spider_lilyThe Autumn Equinox is fast approaching and as a reminder of the coming season of death the Lycoris Radiata, or the Red Spider Lily, is now blooming in my magical yard. Continue reading

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