I’m Baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk

Hello my little pretties.

After a couple of years of hiatus and semi-retirement, and raising a beautiful hellion, I am slowly emerging from the shadows to provide more stories and spookies. I will be working with a new company my brother, Edward Burns, has created called Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour based out of, well, Conroe, Texas.

Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour provides you with historically accurate information and true experiences of the residents. This means you can not only learn the history of Conroe but also the darker side that will leave you with the cold shivers and heebie-jeebies!

Conroe has a lot of wonderful stories filled with a darker side most do not know about. Join on of the tours at Haunted Conroe Ghost Tour and enjoy the stories and horror. I will be there to amaze you very soon.

Hugs & Nightmares - Morticia
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